Army of Champions


Army of Champions 2013Every now and then comes a band that combines the right mix of genres, sounding original yet familiar and who’s sound has the potential to create its own steadfast fan base merging fans of punk, folk and rock and roll . Sometimes a band may come along that helps restore your faith in local music, compelling you to turn the radio up or to blow the dust off your dancing shoes. For me and for many in Brisbane, this band is Army of Champions.

The band’s sound draws from a vast range of influences though most are drawn from the music that made such an impact on their lives growing up; bands such as Hot Water Music, Bouncing Souls, The Descendents and Against Me!, to classic song writers like Bruce Springsteen, The Clash, The Rolling Stones and Tom Waits. Their set seamlessly interchanges between catchy sing-alongs with killer hooks and melodic ballads with plenty of guts. Regardless, you will stomp your feet and you will shout at the ceiling. Somebody get my tambourine├ľ

Do yourself a favour and catch them live as they’re likely to be in your city soon. Put them on your “Events” list, “like” and “follow” (or whatever the cool kids do) and pull on those dancing shoes.

Kate Disgrace, 2013

Emmy Haora – Vocals/Guitars
Tavis Fletcher – Bass/Vocals
Joel deByl – Drums
Ben Fishlock – Guitars/Vocals