Army of Champions

If Only Just To Hold Lyrics


You’ve got no time, to enjoy what you’ve got boy,
You’re like a fish, your stuck without water.
You hold your breath and you tell, yourself that everything’s alright.

You cant relax knowing that you might not,
Have your life stacked, labelled and numbered.
You lie awake with the urge just to dive straight into the night.

Is this really all that you’ve ever wanted?
(take a minute to think what it’s really about)
Is this really all you could ever need?
Does it all comes down to how,
We get by or get dying?
Is it all about the money?
Is it all about security?

And I can’t seem to take in air.
Constricted veins swell against these restricting chains,
And I can’t shake em off.
No, no I cant shake em off oh, oh.
But one day you’ll wake with the might of a million men,
You’re taking swings at the world and you’ll get a couple in..
While bracing yourself,
For that heroic hit to the head uh, oh..


With two feet down,
They’re up and at it again.
They’re shouting words, instead of speaking them.
They can’t see the truth in the other side, of the argument.

You’re life’s not over…
When time feels like it’s, creeping slowly up the walls
But then you got to choose…

Relax you’re safe
You’ve still got time to waste.
Take what you need and let the rest just be.
Instead of hanging on to the fight.

You can’t live that way, and you can’t just throw it all away.
And start again
You can’t live that way, and you can’t throw it all away.
Don’t wait for me


I’ve spent the most part of my time
In a mind thats so numb in its weakness.
I fight fear and soberness will swallow me up…

I can’t get the work out from under my fingernails.
Lord, give me a rest and bless this mess I’m in.

Traffic jams like blood thats clot
These headaches have only lead to killers on roads as,
I just try to forget I’m just a cog in the wheel.

-We’re overtime
-A delay in payment

Give me purpose, if only just to hold… oh, oh, oh
Oh, gimmie some purpose if only just to hold…
I’ve taken all i can
They have taken life, and never given back…

We’re overtime…


Oh, Clarin packed up n left
On the day he lost the bet.
And he struggled with regret ’til he got back on.
He was found 2 weeks after that
With nothing but a rat chewing through his veins.

He’d say the songs weren’t to blame at all
No, no the songs weren’t to blame at all

It’s the songs that were living for
they are life, death and nothing more.
And we want more, more, more.
Yeah ’til we cant hear the world at all.

Well the frontman from outta one,
Of Bitty’s all time favourite bands.
Has a tortured soul just like every great artist always should oh, oh.
And that’s what Bitty aches for.. Soul. Torment and all.
She’s like a devil at the door.

But she’d say the songs ain’t no sin at all.
No, no the songs ain’t no sin at all

And without them I’m nothing,
Sweet fucking nothing.